Project Description


Graphic Design / Document Production

The Femicide Census is an annual count of the number of women in the UK killed by men. In 2020, Femicide Census issued a special report with collated figures from the ten years 2009-2018. 1425 women were murdered by men in that period. Our campaign imagery tells their story.

Femicide Census is an organisation in its own right, born out of the work of Counting Dead Women. The annual Femicide Census figures have become an essential research and campaigning tool for MPs, journalists and academics.

For the special 2020 report, we created a campaign image that was used on the cover of the reports, in digital comms, banners and mailings. Our strategic approach was to create a striking image that represents the facts in the campaign, the message of the charity and was respectful to the women who have been killed and their families.

Our creative approach builds on a foundation of cubism, fracturing a face into many pieces and carefully rebuilding it as a full head with ever-present eyes and mouths. The eyes still see you; the mouths tell a story if you will listen. The overall head is any one of the 1425 women who have been killed, and all of them, and those who have been left alive, but harmed.

The campaign image was first seen in The Observer in an exclusive feature story prior to the official release to the public on Wednesday 25th November,  2020, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the launch event on Thursday 26th.

We created the campaign image, collateral and extensions and the formatted reports, with printed and digital versions, and enabled a mailing to key figures.


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