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Graphic Design / Web Design / Branding & Identity / Creative Strategy / Social & Digital Marketing / Photography

It has been a great privilege and honour to work for the Stephen Hawking Foundation, which was set up to further the work of Professor Stephen Hawking, and to work for one of the greatest minds of all time, a national hero for his scientific achievements as well as for his perseverance in battling Motor Neurone Disease.

We created the original logo and brand for the Foundation and have worked on many projects since.

The Hawking Interment at Westminster Abbey

We designed a medallion using the Hawking Radiation symbol to mark the interment of Professor Hawking’s ashes at Westminster Abbey on the 15th of June 2018. We designed it for The Stephen Hawking Foundation, and struck it at Pobjoy Mint. We struck a limited edition number of medallions, to be presented to special guests of the family at the reception after the service. This strictly limited edition coin will never be repeated and is not for sale.

We also created the invitations and other collateral for the event, including the CD for the musical maestro Vangelis, who composed, arranged and performed the incredible ‘Stephen Hawking Tribute’ track for the interment service.

Website, Marketing and Social Media

We created the website for The Stephen Hawking Foundation and regularly work with the foundation to produce web pages and documentation for their projects and events. We also assist with managing their social media accounts, with regular posts to promote the work of the Foundation.

Photography by Mark Weeks

We were delighted that Mark Weeks was able to join us at Westminster Abbey to do the photography for the event. Mark is a great photographer and we work with him regularly to make our clients look their best.

Mark managed to capture the mood and the incredible spirit of the day perfectly. The full collection of images can be seen here:

For more information about our work for the Stephen Hawking Foundation, click here