Project Description


Graphic Design / Branding

Centrepoint, the UK’s leading homeless charity, commissioned us to create the event identity for their 50th Anniversary Ball, to be held at the Roundhouse in Camden. As the theme of the event was Urban Glamour, we were briefed to create a logo that reflected an urban, street environment.

While the attendee list includes many high-profile guests and A-list celebrities, it wasn’t to come across as pretentious or patronising. There is an obvious dichotomy between the high profile guests at an important fund-raising ball and the beneficiaries of the charity, who have less than nothing and we took this into account when creating the brand and submitting ideas for creative at the event.

The identity needed to be engaging and unique enough to be used on items that would become souvenirs of the most important event in the charity’s history. The chosen design was inspired by Banksy street art. We designed a logo that was distressed and textured to look like spray paint on a concrete wall, with the coronet of the charity’s Patron, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, created in a graffiti style.

We produced the identify as a vector to be used on invitations, menus, pledge cards, wrist bands, screens and on large scale boards and banners outside and inside the Roundhouse. Our design lends itself to printing with metallic inks and during our exploratory stage we experimented with printing on real metal.

At Glazier Design we are passionate about working with charities we believe in and it was an honour to support an organisation that does such admirable work in the UK.